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Precision spatial measurement of the hot rubidium atom in the three-dimension

  title={Precision spatial measurement of the hot rubidium atom in the three-dimension},
  author={Rahmat Ullah and You-Lin Chuang and Ray-Kuang Lee and Sajid Qamar},
  journal={arXiv: Atomic Physics},
The interaction of hot atoms with laser fields experiences a Doppler shift which can severely affect the precise spatial measurement of an atom. We suggest an experimentally realizable scheme to address this issue in three-dimension position measurement of a single atom in vapors of rubidium atoms. Three-level lambda type atom-field configuration is considered where a moving atom interacts with three orthogonal standing-wave laser fields and spatial information of the atom in 3D space is… 


1. Geometrical Optics 1.1 Fermat’s Principle and Law of Refraction 1.2 First Order Optics 1.3 Aberrations 2. Wave Optics 2.1 Diffraction 2.2 Young’s Double Slit 2.3 Interferometers and Coherence of