Precision of the transpulmonary thermodilution measurements

  title={Precision of the transpulmonary thermodilution measurements},
  author={Xavier Monnet and Romain Persichini and Mariem Ktari and Mathieu Jozwiak and Christian Richard and Jean-Louis Teboul},
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INTRODUCTION We wanted to determine the number of cold bolus injections that are necessary for achieving an acceptable level of precision for measuring cardiac index (CI), indexed global end-diastolic volume (GEDVi) and indexed extravascular lung water (EVLWi) by transpulmonary thermodilution. METHODS We included 91 hemodynamically stable patients (age 59 (25% to 75% interquartile range: 39 to 79) years, simplified acute physiologic score (SAPS)II 59 (53 to 65), 56% under norepinephrine) who… CONTINUE READING