Precision of the Conceptual Research Utilization Scale.

  title={Precision of the Conceptual Research Utilization Scale.},
  author={Janet Elaine Squires and Carole A. Estabrooks and Leslie A. Hayduk and Mark Gierl and Christine V Newburn-Cook},
  journal={Journal of nursing measurement},
  volume={22 1},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Conceptual research utilization (CRU) is one indicator of an optimum practice environment that leads to improved patient and organizational outcomes. Yet, its measurement has not been adequately addressed. In this study, we investigated precision of scores obtained with a new CRU scale using item response theory (IRT) methods. METHODS We analyzed the responses from 1,349 health care aides from 30 Canadian nursing homes using Samejima's (1969, 1996) graded response model… CONTINUE READING