Precision of foot alignment measures in Charcot arthropathy.

  title={Precision of foot alignment measures in Charcot arthropathy.},
  author={Mary K. Hastings and David R. Sinacore and Nicole Mercer-Bolton and Jeremy James McCormick and Charles F. Hildebolt and Fred W. Prior and Jeffrey E Johnson},
  journal={Foot & ankle international},
  volume={32 9},
BACKGROUND Foot deformity associated with diabetes mellitus (DM) and peripheral neuropathy (PN) contributes to joint instability, ulceration and amputation. This study reports the intrarater and inter-rater measurement precision and least significant change (LSC) of radiological measures of foot deformity in subjects with DM, PN, and foot related complications. METHODS Cuboid height, Meary's angle, calcaneal pitch and hindfoot-forefoot angle were measured from plain-film radiographs on 15… CONTINUE READING


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