Precision of Neural Timing: Effects of Convergence and Time-Windowing

  title={Precision of Neural Timing: Effects of Convergence and Time-Windowing},
  author={Michael C. Reed and Jacob J. Blum and Colleen C. Mitchell},
  journal={Journal of Computational Neuroscience},
We study the improvement in timing accuracy in a neural system having n identical input neurons projecting to one target neuron. The n input neurons receive the same stimulus but fire at stochastic times selected from one of four specified probability densities, f, each with standard deviation 1.0 msec. The target cell fires if and when it receives m inputs within a time window of ∈ msec. Let σ n,m,∈ denote the standard deviation of the time of firing of the target neuron (i.e. the standard… CONTINUE READING