• Published 2005

Precision measurement of proton electric to magnetic form factor ratio from ! p ( ! e , e ′ p )

  title={Precision measurement of proton electric to magnetic form factor ratio from ! p ( ! e , e ′ p )},
  author={Cynthia Crawford and Adrian Sindile and Turgay Akdogan and R. Alarc{\'o}n and J. Althouse and William Bertozzi and E. Booth and Tancredi Botto and H. J. and M. A. Bulten and John Richard Calarco and Benjamin M Clasie and Cosimo D’Andrea and A. Degrush and K. A. Dow and D. Dutta and Manouchehr Farkhondeh and O. BurtonRobert and Filoti and Wm. Randolph Franklin and Haiyan Gao and Elizabeth Geis and Shalev Gilad and Abigail Goodhue and Wilfried Haeberli and Douglas Hasell and William F. Hersman and Maurik Willem Holtrop and E. Ilhoff and Peter Joseph Karpius and J. Kelsey and Michael Kohl and Hauke Kolster and Stefan W Krause and Taehyeong Lee and A................................................. and Maschinot and Jeannie Matthews and Kevin McIlhany and Nikolas Meitanis and R. G. Milner and Anna Mosser and Jan Pavel and H. Ramesh and Poolman and Jeremy D. Prince and Joan Rapaport and Robert P. Redwine and J. Seely and Aritomo Shinozaki and Sa{\vs}a {\vS}irca and Trey Smith and Ș. and Sobczynski and Baris Tamer Tonguc and Ch. Tschalaer and Evgeni Tsentalovich and William Turchinetz and Jo van den Brand and J.. and Van der Laan and T. Wise and Yong Xiao and Wenqian Xu and C. Zhang and Zheng Zhou and V. Ziskin and Townsend Zwart},
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