• Physics
  • Published 2014

Precision measurement of µ disappearance by T2K

  title={Precision measurement of µ disappearance by T2K},
  author={Erez Reinherz-Aronis},
T2K is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment, where a muon neutrino beam is produced at the J-PARC facility and after traveling 295 km it is detected by SuperKamiokande, a water Cherenkov detector with a 22.5 kton fiducial mass. One aim of the experiment is to precisely determine the mixing angle θ23 and the mass squared difference ∆m23 using a measurement of muon neutrino disappearance. The T2K accumulated dataset is 6.57 × 10 protons on target, which is 8% of the experimental goal… CONTINUE READING

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