Precision mass measurements of $^{125–127}$Cd isotopes and isomers approaching the N = 82 closed shell

  title={Precision mass measurements of \$^\{125–127\}\$Cd isotopes and isomers approaching the N = 82 closed shell},
  author={Daniel Lascar and Ralph A. Klawitter and Carla Babcock and E. Leistenschneider and Steven Ragnar Stroberg and B. R. Barquest and Andrew Finlay and M. Foster and Aaron Gallant and P. Hunt and James Kelly and Brian Kootte and Y. Lan and S Paul and M. L. Phan and Moritz P. Reiter and B. E. Schultz and D. Short and J. Simonis and C. Andreoiu and M. Brodeur and Iris Dillmann and G. Gwinner and Jason D Holt and Anna A. Kwiatkowski and Kyle G. Leach and Jens Dilling},
  journal={Physical Review C},
We present the results of precision mass measurements of neutron-rich cadmium isotopes. These nuclei approach the $N=82$ closed neutron shell and are important to nuclear structure as they lie near doubly-magic $^{132}$Sn on the chart of nuclides. Of particular note is the clear identification of the ground state mass in $^{127}$Cd along with the isomeric state. We show that the ground state identified in a previous mass measurement which dominates the mass value in the Atomic Mass Evaluation… Expand
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