Precision Measurement of the 0 b Baryon Lifetime

  title={Precision Measurement of the 0 b Baryon Lifetime},
  author={Angelo Carbone and Gianluca Carboni and Rossella Cardinale and Alessandro Cardini and H. Carranza-Mejia and Laura Carson and Kazuyoshi Carvalho Akiba and Guillaume Casse and L. Castillo Garcia and Ch. Cauet and Rodrigo Alberto Cenci and M. G. Ruiz Charles and P. Charpentier and Peng Chen and Nicola Chiapolini and M. Chrzaszcz and Krzysztof Ciba and F. Martinez Vidal and Gregory Ciezarek and P. E. L. Clarke and M. Clemencic and Joel Closier and Carmen Coca and Valeria Fernanda Del Coco and Jeff Cogan and Eric Cogneras and Pat Collins and A. Comerma-Montells and Augusto Contu and Amanda V. Cook and Mike Coombes and S. Coquereau and Giacomo Corti and Benjamin Couturier and Greig A. Cowan and D. C. Craik and Sharon Cunliffe and Rebecca Currie and Conchita d’Ambrosio and PY. David and Adrian Francis Davis and Ida de Bonis and Kobus de Bruyn and Shlomo Capua and Michel De Cian and Jo{\~a}o Montenegro de Miranda and Luciano de Paula and J. J. Saborido Silva and Perandini Simone and David Scott Decamp and M. Deckenhoff and L. Del Buono and N. D{\'e}l{\'e}age and Denis Derkach and Olivier Deschamps and Francesco Dettori and Adriana Canto and Hildebrand Dijkstra and Mariana Dogaru and S. Domingo Donleavy and F. Dordei and A. Dosil Su{\'a}rez and Dena Dossett and A. M. Dovbnya and Frederic Dupertuis and Paolo Durante and Rd. Dzhelyadin and Adam Dziurda and Alexei Dzyuba and Sajan Easo and Ulrik Egede and V. Egorychev and Simon Eidelman and Daan van Eijk and Sarah Eisenhardt and Ulrich Eitschberger and R. Ekelhof and Lars Eklund and Ismail Rifai and Ch. Elsasser and Antonio Falabella and Gemma Fardell and Christine Farinelli and Stephen Farry and David Glen Ferguson and Victor Fernandez Albor and Francislanda Rodrigues and Massimilioano Ferro-Luzzi and Sergei Filippov and Massimiliano Fiore and Christopher Fitzpatrick and Marcella Fontana and Filippo Fontanelli and O. De Aguiar Francisco and Markus Frank and Christoph Frei and Massimo Ferri Patrizio Frosini and S. Furcas and Enrico Furfaro and A. Gallas Torreira and Domenico Galli and Patricia Alejandra Gandini and Yongsheng Gao and J. A. Garofoli and P. Garosi and Jordi Garra Tico and Ll. Garrido and Clara Gaspar and Rhorry Gauld and Edward F Gersabeck and Marco Gersabeck and Tim Gershon and Ph. Ghez and Valerie Gibson and L. Giubega and Vladimir Vava Gligorov and Carla G{\"o}bel and D. V. Golubkov and Andrei Golutvin and Andr{\'e}a de Carvalho Gomes and P. A. Gorbounov and Hamish Gordon and Marc Grabalosa G{\'a}ndara and Ricardo Graciani Diaz and Luis Alberto Granado Cardoso and Eugeni Grauges and G. Graziani and Alina Grecu and Stuart Gregson and Phillip Griffith and O. Gr{\"u}nberg and E. Gushchin and Ch. Hadjivasiliou and Guido Haefeli and Craig Haen and Scott Hall and Benjamin Hamilton and Tom Hampson and Neville Harnew and Samuel Harnew and Judith R. Harrison and Tyll Hartmann and Veerle Anna Margeretha Heijne and Karol Hennessy and Pierre Henrard and J. A. Hernando Morata and Eric van Herwijnen and Awatef Hicheur and Eric Hicks and Mustafa Mohamad Hoballah and C. Hombach and Plamen Hopchev and Wouter Hulsbergen and Phil Hunt and Nahla Abdulrahman Hussain and D. Hutchcroft and David Michael Hynds and Volodymyr Iakovenko and Marek Idzik and Philip Ilten and Richard Jacobsson and Andreas Jaeger and Eveline Jans and P. Jaton and A. Jawahery and Feng Jing and David L. Johnson and Christopher R Jones and Christian Joram and Bohuslav Jost and M. Kaballo and S. S. Kandybei and W. Kanso and Matthias Karacson and Till Moritz Karbach and I. R. Kenyon and Tjeerd J Ketel and Anna Keune and B. Khanji and Olga Kochebina and I. Komarov and Patrick Koppenburg and Maxim Aleksandrovich Korolev and A. Kozlinskiy and L. A. Kravchuk and Klaus Kreplin and Michal Kreps and G. Krocker and P. P. Krokovny and Florian Kruse and marcin. kucharczyk and Volodymyr Kudryavtsev and T. M. Kvaratskheliya and D. H. Lacarr{\`e}re and George Lafferty and Adriano Lai and Giordano Lanfranchi and Christina Langenbruch and Thomas Latham and R{\'e}mi Lefevre and A. K. Leflat and J. Lefrancois and Oliviez Leroy and L. Li Gioi and Cuneifolium Linn and Ben Q. Liu and Huang Kefegn Lu and Donatella Lucchesi and J. Luisier and Huiqian Luo and F. Machefert and Irina Machikhiliyan and Florin Maciuc and O. E. Maev and Sachit Malde and Giovanni Manca and Giulio Mancinelli and J. Maratas and Perfecto Mari{\~n}o and Justin Marks and G. Martellotti and Australia Martin Martens and Maurizio Martinelli and Daniela Santos and D. Martins Tostes and A. Massafferri and Zsolt Mathe and Clara Matteuzzi and Emmanuel Maurice and Anatoly Mazurov and Anna McNab and Brian Antoine Meadows and Jos{\'e} M. Rodr{\'i}guez and S. Monteil and Piotr Morawski and A. Mord{\'a} and Tatsuya Nakada and Irina Nasteva and Susanne Neubert and Valentin Niess and Ramon Niet and Nikolay Nikitin and Torsten Nikodem and Alexey Novoselov and A. Oblakowska-Mucha and Pat Owen and Arantza Oyanguren and Antonis Papanestis and Giovanni Passaleva and C. Patrignani and Alexandra Alvarez and Antonio Pellegrino and Giuseppe Penso and A. Petrolini and The Brass El Pilar and Anton Poluektov and E. Polycarpo and A. Yu. Popov and Andrew M. Pritchard and Claire Prouve and Valery Pugatch and Albert Puig Navarro and B. Rakotomiaramanana}

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