Precision Instruments and the Demonstrative Order of Proof in Lavoisier's Chemistry

  title={Precision Instruments and the Demonstrative Order of Proof in Lavoisier's Chemistry},
  author={Jan Golinski},
  pages={30 - 47}
If it is true that a controversy approaches its conclusion by the accumulation of facts that impinge upon it, it is only so provided these "facts" are without ambiguity in their implications. For otherwise, twisted by the rival hypotheses, and sometimes with so many more words that they convey less sense, these "facts" so multiply the extraneous questions that controversies become endless. Thus prejudice and imagination freely hold sway and logic is replaced by fashion. -Jean-Andr6 Deluc (1790… 
The ‘absolute existence’ of phlogiston: the losing party's point of view
It is demonstrated that what was defended under the title ‘phlogiston’ was no longer a particular hypothesis about combustion and respiration but a set of ontological and epistemological assumptions and the empirical practices associated with them.
The Rise and Fall of Nitrous Air Eudiometry: Enlightenment Ideals, Embodied Skills, and the Conflicts of Experimental Philosophy
Chemistry has not yet unveiled any of the numerous mysteries of the insalubrity of the air; it has only taught us, that we are ignorant of many things, with which fifteen years ago we believed we
Priestley’s views on the composition of water and related airs
In some views in the history, philosophy and social studies of chemistry, Joseph Priestley is at least as well-known and cited for his objections to the new chemistry and his promotion of his own
Botany and Provincial Enlightenment in Montpellier: Antoine Banal Père and Fils 1750–1800
Carnival turns the world upside down to reveal its structure and jokes focus on the stress points in those structures. 1 Eighteenth-century Montpellier, as one of the oldest universities in Europe,
HERE AND EVERYWHERE: Sociology of Scientific Knowledge
The sociology of scientific knowledge (SSK) is one of the profession’s most marginal specialties, yet its objects of inquiry, its modes of inquiry, and certain of its findings have very substantial
What Did Mathematics Do to Physics?
Dans cet article, l'auteur tente de demontrer les effets a long terme de la mathematisation de la physique et son impact dans les domaines social, epistemologique et ontologique de la discipline. Un
Institutional Interpretations of the Relationship between Sport-Related Disciplines and Their Reference Disciplines: The Case of Sociology of Sport
The sociology of sport literature is now sufficiently broad to allow a general analysis of research patterns in this field. To facilitate the identification of these vectors of expansion, sources
Expérimentation, instrumentation et argumentation
L’objet de ce texte est de presenter un rapide survol de l’evolution historique du role de l’experimentation et de l’instrumentation dans les sciences de la nature et de proposer un modele de la
Los instrumentos científicos de la Universidad de Valencia: primeros resultados de un catálogo de la cultura material de la ciencia
Este trabajo ha sido posible en parte gracias al programa Thesaurus (Universidad de Valencia) que ha permitido contar con contratos de investigacion para Cristina Sendra y Jesus Catala. El estudio en


Lavoisier and the Origins of Modern Chemistry
H ISTORICAL STUDIES OF ANTOINE-LAURENT LAVOISIER and the Chemical Revolution can be readily divided into two types. One type consists of detailed and carefully documented articles and monographs
Martinus van Marum and the Introduction of Lavoisier's Chemistry in the Netherlands
  • Martinus van Marum: Life and Work