Precise multimodal optical control of neural ensemble activity

  title={Precise multimodal optical control of neural ensemble activity},
  author={Alan R Mardinly and Ian Ant{\'o}n Oldenburg and Nicolas C P{\'e}gard and Savitha Sridharan and Evan H Lyall and Kirill Chesnov and Stephen G Brohawn and Laura Waller and Hillel Adesnik},
  booktitle={Nature Neuroscience},
Understanding brain function requires technologies that can control the activity of large populations of neurons with high fidelity in space and time. We developed a multiphoton holographic approach to activate or suppress the activity of ensembles of cortical neurons with cellular resolution and sub-millisecond precision. Since existing opsins were inadequate, we engineered new soma-targeted (ST) optogenetic tools, ST-ChroME and IRES-ST-eGtACR1, optimized for multiphoton activation and… CONTINUE READING
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