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Precise mass measurements for the double neutron star system J1829+2456

  title={Precise mass measurements for the double neutron star system J1829+2456},
  author={Henryk T. Haniewicz and R. Ferdman and P. Freire and D. Champion and Kaine A. Bunting and D. R. Lorimer and Maura A. McLaughlin Faculty of Science and University of East Anglia and UK Norwich and Max--Planck--Institut fur Radioastronomie and Bonn and Germany. and S. Science and Technology and Nottingham Trent University and U. Nottingham and Department of Engineering Physics and Astronomy and West Virginia University and Morgantown and WV Usa and Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology},
  • Henryk T. Haniewicz, R. Ferdman, +20 authors Cosmology
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • PSR J1829+2456 is a radio pulsar in a relativistic binary system with another neutron star. It has a rotational period of 41 ms and a mildly eccentric (e = 0.14) 28-hr orbit. We have continued its observations with the Arecibo radio telescope and have now measured the individual neutron star masses of this system. We find the pulsar and companion masses to be 1.295± 0.011 M and 1.310± 0.011 M (2σ − 95% confidence, unless stated otherwise), respectively. We have also measured the proper motion… CONTINUE READING

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