Precise localization of eye centers with multiple cues


Automatic detection and precise localization of human eye centers are the essential processes in photo related multimedia applications. Since eye center points are used as reference base points for further intelligent processing, precise eye center localization is very important. In face recognition the accuracy of localization of eye centers directly influences the identification accuracy. A multiple stage approach with multiple cues for detection and precise localization of eye centers is presented in this paper. Multiple scopes searching strategy is used for correctly extracting eye patch images from the background. Dedicated gradient based features and curvelet based features are constructed and used for comprehensively revealing the intensity distribution characteristics and the edge based texture around eye centers. A rebuilt score calculation mechanism is proposed and the rebuilt scores are used as a specific measurement index reflecting the matching accuracy. The final localizations of eye centers are determined with integrating the gradient based scores and curvelet based scores. The experiment results testing on public face datasets show that the localization accuracy of proposed approach outperforms the accuracy with other state of the art methods.

DOI: 10.1007/s11042-012-1090-4

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