Precise Neutron Magnetic Form Factors

  title={Precise Neutron Magnetic Form Factors},
  author={G. Kubon and H. Anklin and P. Bartsch and D. Baumann and W. Boeglin and K. Bohinc and R. B{\"o}hm and C. Carasco and M. Distler and I. Ewald and J. Friedrich and M. Hauger and A. Honegger and P. Jennewein and J. Jourdan and M. Kahrau and K. W. Krygier and A. Liesenfeld and H. Merkel and U. M{\"u}ller and R. Neuhausen and C. Normand and T. Petitjean and T. Pospischil and M. Potokar and D. Rohe and G. Rosner and H. Schmieden and I. Sick and S. {\vS}irca and P. Trueb and A. Wagner and T. Walcher and G. Warren and M. Weis and H. Woehrle and M. Zhao and B. Zihlmann},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
  • G. Kubon, H. Anklin, +36 authors B. Zihlmann
  • Published 2002
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters B
  • Precise data on the neutron magnetic form factor Gmn have been obtained with measurements of the ratio of cross sections of D(e, en) and D(e, ep) up to momentum transfers of Q 2 = 0.9 (GeV/c) 2 . Data with typical uncertainties of 1.5% are presented. These data allow for the first time to extract a precise value of the magnetic radius of the neutron.  2002 Elsevier 
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    Transverse asymmetry AT' from the quasielastic 3He(e,e') process and the neutron magnetic form factor.
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