Precise Measurement of RCF in Colored Gaussian Noise

  title={Precise Measurement of RCF in Colored Gaussian Noise},
  author={Shentang Li and H. Wan and Yuqi Huang and Wenjun Huo},
  journal={2007 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing},
A novel algorithm for precise measurement of RCF (radar carrier frequency) in colored Gaussian noise is proposed. The algorithm involves FFT, non-linear filtering, digital heterodyning, and decimation, phase-based frequency estimation. The algorithm has a reduced threshold relative to the existing methods and performance close to that of maximum likelihood estimation. In addition, the mean-squared error performance is within 0.3 dB of the Cramer-Rao bound (CRB) at signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs… CONTINUE READING