Precipitation scavenging of 7Be and 137Cs radionuclides in air.

  title={Precipitation scavenging of 7Be and 137Cs radionuclides in air.},
  author={A. Ioannidou and Constantin Papastefanou},
  journal={Journal of environmental radioactivity},
  volume={85 1},
Atmospheric depositional fluxes of the naturally occurring 7Be of cosmogenic origin and 137Cs from fallout of the Chernobyl accident were measured over a 6-year period (January 1987-December 1992) at Thessaloniki, Greece (40 degrees 38'N, 22 degrees 58'E). Total precipitation accumulation during 1987-1992 varied between 33.7 cm and 65.2 cm, reflecting a relatively dry (precipitation-free) climate. The activity concentrations of 7Be and 137Cs in rainwater depended on the precipitation rate… CONTINUE READING

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