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Precipitation hardening in gold-cobalt alloys.

  title={Precipitation hardening in gold-cobalt alloys.},
  author={Yoshio Miyajima and Kazumi Yasuda and Yuzo Kanzawa},
  journal={The Bulletin of Tokyo Medical and Dental University},
  volume={23 1},
The precipitation hardening in gold-cobalt alloys containing less than 5 wt.%Co was studied by means of resistivity, hardness, X-ray diffraction, and optical microscopic examination. The hardness curves showed two hardness peaks after isothermal ageing below the temperature of 250 or 300 degrees C. It was considered that the first peak was due to the formation of G.P. zone which was confirmed by reversion phenomenon. The second peak was due to the growth of metastable cobalt-rich precipitate… CONTINUE READING

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