Precipitating Factor for Aggregated γ-Globulins in Normal Human Sera

  title={Precipitating Factor for Aggregated γ-Globulins in Normal Human Sera},
  author={A V Taranta and H. Singer H. Steinbigler P. Weiss and Edward C. Franklin},
SERA of patients with rheumatoid arthritis often form a precipitate when mixed with aggregated γ-globulins1. The precipitate consists of a 19 S γ-globulin (‘rheumatoid factor’), variable amounts of 7 S γ-globulin and more rapidly sedimenting aggregates of γ-globulin2. The latter are known to be anti-complementary3. While studying a test for rheumatoid arthritis4, it was found that normal human sera also form a precipitate with aggregated γ-globulins, although more slowly and less abundantly. 

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