Precipitaion Nowcasting using Deep Neural Network

  title={Precipitaion Nowcasting using Deep Neural Network},
  author={Mohamed Chafik Bakkay and Mathieu Serrurier and Valentin Kivachuk Burd{\'a} and Florian Dupuy and Naty Citlali Cabrera-Guti{\'e}rrez and Micha{\"e}l Zamo and Maud-Alix Mader and Olivier Mestre and Guillaume Oller and Jean-Christophe Jouhaud and Laurent Terray},
Precipitation nowcasting is of great importance for weather forecast users, for activities ranging from outdoor activities and sports competitions to airport traffic management. In contrast to long-term precipitation forecasts which are traditionally obtained from numerical models, precipitation nowcasting needs to be very fast. It is therefore more challenging to obtain because of this time constraint. Recently, many machine learning based methods had been proposed. We propose the use three… 



Multimodal Semisupervised Deep Graph Learning for Automatic Precipitation Nowcasting

A novel multimodal semisupervised deep graph learning framework for precipitation nowcasting is proposed and different modalities of observation data (including both meteorological and nonmeteorological data) are modeled jointly, thereby benefiting each other.

RainNet v1.0: a convolutional neural network for radar-based precipitation nowcasting

In this study, we present RainNet, a deep convolutional neural network for radar-based precipitation nowcasting. Its design was inspired by the U-Net and SegNet families of deep learning models,

Convolutional LSTM Network: A Machine Learning Approach for Precipitation Nowcasting

This paper proposes the convolutional LSTM (ConvLSTM) and uses it to build an end-to-end trainable model for the precipitation nowcasting problem and shows that it captures spatiotemporal correlations better and consistently outperforms FC-L STM and the state-of-the-art operational ROVER algorithm.

Image quality assessment: from error visibility to structural similarity

A structural similarity index is developed and its promise is demonstrated through a set of intuitive examples, as well as comparison to both subjective ratings and state-of-the-art objective methods on a database of images compressed with JPEG and JPEG2000.

Stochastic Video Generation with a Learned Prior

An unsupervised video generation model that learns a prior model of uncertainty in a given environment and generates video frames by drawing samples from this prior and combining them with a deterministic estimate of the future frame.

Global multi-resolution terrain elevation data 2010 (GMTED2010)

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Ground radar precipitation estimation with deep learning approaches in meteorological private cloud

These approaches to the precipitation estimation are introduced, proposing two models based on the back propagation neural networks (BPNN) and convolutional neural networks respectively, to compare with the traditional method in meteorological service systems and show that deep learning algorithms outperform theTraditional method.

A Precipitation Nowcasting Mechanism for Real-World Data Based on Machine Learning

From the experimental results, it is concluded that the method can predict future precipitation with a high accuracy when a few data are missing, and it outperforms the traditional optical flow method.

Precipitation Nowcasting with Weather Radar Images and Deep Learning in São Paulo, Brasil

Precipitation nowcasting can predict and alert for any possibility of abrupt weather changes which may cause both human and material risks. Most of the conventional nowcasting methods extrapolate

Prediction of Weather Radar Images via a Deep LSTM for Nowcasting

A novel prediction model based on a deep recurrent neural network (DeepRNN) that converts the task of nowcasting to a task of image series prediction and leads to significant improvement in tasks of 2 hours forecasting of radar echo.