Prebiotic properties of epilactose.

  title={Prebiotic properties of epilactose.},
  author={Jun Watanabe and Megumi Nishimukai and Hidenori Taguchi and Takeshi Senoura and Shota Hamada and Hiroshi Matsui and Tomoko Yamamoto and Jun Wasaki and Hiroshi Hara and Sumito Ito},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={91 12},
We recently reported that cellobiose 2-epimerase from Ruminococcus albus effectively converted lactose to epilactose. In this study, we examined the biological effects of epilactose on intestinal microbiota, bile acid metabolism, and postadministrative plasma glucose by animal tests. Dietary supplementation with epilactose or fructooligosaccharide (4.5% each) increased cecal wall weight and cecal contents and decreased the pH of the cecal contents in Wistar-ST rats. The number of total… CONTINUE READING