Prebiotic Soup--Revisiting the Miller Experiment

  title={Prebiotic Soup--Revisiting the Miller Experiment},
  author={Jeffrey L. Bada and Antonio Lazcano},
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Modern research in prebiotic chemistry effectively began with a publication of a paper in Science 50 years ago by Stanley L. Miller on the spark discharge synthesis of amino acids and other compounds using a mixture of reduced gases that were thought to represent the components of the atmosphere on the primitive Earth. On the anniversary of this milestone publication, Bada and Lazcano provide an account of the events surrounding the publication of the paper and discuss the historical… 
One of the foremost experiments of the twentieth century: Stanley Miller and the origin of prebiotic chemistry
Stanley Miller is best known for his classic 1953 experiment on organic compound synthesis on the early Earth in the context of the origins of life. However, he did several other experiments that are
Impact synthesis of the RNA bases
  • A. Rios
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 2015
Since the pioneering results of the Miller–Urey experiment that produced amino acids from electrical discharges passing through simple gases, the field of prebiotic chemistry has been extremely prodigious in demonstrating abiotic syntheses for multitudes of organic compounds.
Studies towards the prebiotic synthesis of nucleotides and amino acids
Understanding how life on Earth might have started is the major goal of prebiotic chemistry. The universal nature of extant life, with integrated informational, catalytic and compartment-forming
The Beginning of Chemical Evolution Experiments
In spite of the ongoing debate about the oldest morphological evidence of life, it is generally accepted by scientists that the first living beings emerged on Earth early in the history of the
The possible roles of water in the prebiotic chemical evolution of DNA.
  • Shuxun Cui
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
  • 2010
Following the clues provided by recent single-molecule studies on DNA, the possible roles of water in the prebiotic chemical evolution are elucidated to elucidate the uniformity of biochemistry for all terrestrial life.
Elementary Reactions and Their Role in Gas-Phase Prebiotic Chemistry
  • N. Balucani
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    International journal of molecular sciences
  • 2009
New experimental approaches to characterize the relevant elementary reactions in laboratory are presented and the implications of the results are discussed.
The emergence of life : from chemical origins to synthetic biology
The conceptual framework of the research on the origin of life on Earth includes approaches to the definitions of life, self-organization, autopoiesis, and the logic of cellular life.
The Possible Roles of Water in the Prebiotic Chemical Evolution of DNA: An Approach by Single Molecule Studies
There is no doubt that water is pivotal to life. Yet, as the emergence of life is still a big challenge in science, the detailed involvement of water in that process is not well recognized. Following
Geochemical Continuity and Catalyst/Cofactor Replacement in the Emergence and Evolution of Life.
The origin of life is mostly divided into "genetics first" and "metabolism first" hypotheses, the former based on spark-tube tests and organic species from meteorites and comets, and the latter based on redox processes where metal-bound hydrides could have been replaced by NAD.
Catalyst: On Organic Systems Chemistry and Origins Research
Yitzhak Tor is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry and the George W. and Carol A. Lattimer Professor at the University of California, San Diego and the editor-in-chief of  Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Insights.


A production of amino acids under possible primitive earth conditions.
In this study, an apparatus was built to circulate CHI4, NH3, H2O, and H2 past an electric discharge, and the resulting mixture has been tested for amino acids by paper chromatography.
Mechanism of Synthesis of Adenine from Hydrogen Cyanide under Possible Primitive Earth Conditions
  • J. Oró
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • 1961
IT has recently been shown that adenine and the purine precursors 4-aminoimidazole-5-carboxamidine and formamidine are formed spontaneously from hydrogen cyanide in water–ammonia systems under
The Protoplasmic Theory of Life and the Vitalist-Mechanist Debate
The pathway from early descriptions and observations to the conclusion that there is a basic living substance common to plants and animals was long and tortuous, but the conclusion had been reached nearly a decade, if not two, before Huxley delivered his lecture.
Electricity in Volcanic Clouds
In November of 1963 an oceanic volcano produced an island, Surtsey, just off the southern coast of Iceland, where vigorous eruptions of steam and tephra were accompanied by an enhancement of the normal fine-weather potential gradient, and lightning was often observed.
疟原虫var基因转换速率变化导致抗原变异[英]/Paul H, Robert P, Christodoulou Z, et al//Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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