Prebiotic Phosphorylation and Concomitant Oligomerization of Deoxynucleosides to form DNA.

  title={Prebiotic Phosphorylation and Concomitant Oligomerization of Deoxynucleosides to form DNA.},
  author={Eddy I. Jim{\'e}nez and Cl{\'e}mentine Gibard and Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
Recent demonstrations of RNA-DNA chimeras enabling RNA and DNA replication, coupled with prebiotic co-synthesis of deoxyribo- and ribo-nucleotides, have resurrected the hypothesis of co-emergence of RNA and DNA. As further support, we show that diamidophosphate (DAP) with 2-aminoimidazole (amido)phosphorylates and oligomerizes deoxynucleosides to form DNA - under conditions similar to those of ribonucleosides. The pyrimidine 5'-O-amidophosphates are formed in good (≈ 60%) yields. Intriguingly… Expand
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