Preaxial ray reduction defects as part of valproic acid embryofetopathy.

  title={Preaxial ray reduction defects as part of valproic acid embryofetopathy.},
  author={Reuven Sharony and A. I. Garber and David Viskochil and Rhona Schreck and Lawrence D. Platt and Richard P. Ward and Bruce A. Buehler and J. M. Graham},
  journal={Prenatal diagnosis},
  volume={13 10},
It is well known that prenatal exposure of valproic acid (VPA) may be associated with the occurrence of neural tube defects (Robert and Gibaud, 1982). Additional adverse effects related to VPA exposure include craniofacial abnormalities, skeletal defects, brain defects, cardiovascular defects, and urogenital defects (DiLiberti et al., 1984; Winter et al., 1987; Huot et al., 1987; Jager-Roman et al., 1986; Martinez-Frias, 1990). Recently, radial ray reduction has been reported as a severe type… CONTINUE READING