Preasymptotic hydrodynamic dispersion as a quantitative probe of permeability.


We interpret a generalized short-time expansion of stochastic hydrodynamic dispersion dynamics in the case of small Reynolds number flow through macroscopically homogenous permeable porous media to directly determine hydrodynamic permeability. The approach allows determination of hydrodynamic permeability from pulsed field gradient spin-echo nuclear magnetic resonance measurement of the short-time effective hydrodynamic dispersion coefficient. The analytical expansion of asymptotic dynamics agrees with experimental NMR data and lattice Boltzmann simulation of hydrodynamic dispersion in consolidated random sphere pack media.

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@article{Brosten2012PreasymptoticHD, title={Preasymptotic hydrodynamic dispersion as a quantitative probe of permeability.}, author={Tyler R. Brosten and Sarah J. Vogt and Joseph D. Seymour and Sarah L Codd and R. S. Maier}, journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics}, year={2012}, volume={85 4 Pt 2}, pages={045301} }