Pre- versus post-exercise protein intake has similar effects on muscular adaptations

  title={Pre- versus post-exercise protein intake has similar effects on muscular adaptations},
  author={B. Schoenfeld and A. Aragon and C. Wilborn and Stacie L. Urbina and S. Hayward and J. Krieger},
  • B. Schoenfeld, A. Aragon, +3 authors J. Krieger
  • Published 2017
  • Medicine
  • PeerJ
  • The purpose of this study was to test the anabolic window theory by investigating muscle strength, hypertrophy, and body composition changes in response to an equal dose of protein consumed either immediately pre- versus post-resistance training (RT) in trained men. [...] Key Method Subjects were 21 resistance-trained men (>1 year RT experience) recruited from a university population.Expand Abstract
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