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Pre-treating Seed to Enhance Germination of Desert Shrubs

  title={Pre-treating Seed to Enhance Germination of Desert Shrubs},
  author={W. Kent Ostler and David C. Anderson and Dennis J. Hansen},
  journal={Journal of Range Management},
Creosotebush [Larrea tridentata (D.C.) Cav.] and white bursage [Ambrosia dumosa (A. Gray) W.W. Payne] seeds were subjected to pre-treatments of rinsing and soaking in water and thiourea to enhance germination in laboratory experiments. The effects of darkness, temperature, seed source, and soil moisture were also evaluated in the laboratory. The best pre-treatment from the laboratory experiments, rinsing with water for 36 hours followed by drying, was field-tested at Fort Irwin, California. Two… 

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The objective of this work was to determine the optimum germination temperatures of L. cuneifolia and L. nitida, to analyze the response to pre-germination treatments, and to evaluate the type of seed dormancy these species have.

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