Pre-spinal convergence between thoracic and visceral nerves of the rat.

  title={Pre-spinal convergence between thoracic and visceral nerves of the rat.},
  author={Neil J Dawson and Heide Schmid and F. K. Pierau},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={138 1},
Dichotomizing sensory axons have been demonstrated in a number of species and are of significance in understanding the possible mechanisms underlying referred pain. The present study reviews work employing fluorescent dyes as tracers to demonstrate afferent dichotomization in the peripheral nervous system. Dichotomization between the intercostal and splanchnic nerves of the rat was demonstrated by means of intraneural transport of Diamidino yellow or Fast blue. Frequency of pre-spinal somato… CONTINUE READING


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