Pre-attentive auditory processing of non-scale pitch in absolute pitch possessors.

  title={Pre-attentive auditory processing of non-scale pitch in absolute pitch possessors.},
  author={Ayasa Matsuda and Keiko Hara and Satsuki Watanabe and Masato Matsuura and Katsuya Ohta and Eisuke Matsushima},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
Absolute pitch (AP) refers to the ability to identify the pitch of sound without reference. To clarify the neurophysiological characteristics of AP, we compared mismatch negativity (MMN) elicited by scale and non-scale notes between AP possessors and non-AP individuals. Eight individuals who were able to identify pitch with perfect accuracy were defined as AP possessors. Eighteen participants who failed to achieve perfect accuracy were included in the non-AP group. We presented participants… CONTINUE READING

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