Prazosin disposition in young and elderly subjects.

  title={Prazosin disposition in young and elderly subjects.},
  author={Peter C Rubin and Prof. Jan Scott and John L. Reid},
  journal={British journal of clinical pharmacology},
  volume={12 3},
1 The disposition of prazosin following oral and intravenous administration has been studied in seven young and seven elderly men, all of whom were in good health and living independently in the community. 2 The elimination half-life (min) of prazosin was 123 +/- 19.4 (s.d.) in the young and 194 +/- 36 in the elderly (P less than 0.01). 3 Clearance (ml min-1 kg-1) was 3.94 +/- 0.73 in the young and 3.53 +/- 1 in the elderly (P greater than 0.1). Volume of distribution at steady state (1 kg-1… CONTINUE READING