Prayer, Process, and the Future of Medicine

  title={Prayer, Process, and the Future of Medicine},
  author={Bruce G. Epperly},
  journal={Journal of Religion and Health},
The wall of separation between spirituality and medicine is crumbling. Physicians are discovering the importance of prayer, spirituality, and religious participation in enhancing physical and mental health and responding to stressful life circumstances. A new metaphysical model is needed to replace the dualistic Cartesian-Newtonian model that has undergirded modern biomedicine. The process-relational metaphysics, influenced by the seminal thought of Alfred North Whitehead, is a fruitful… Expand
Quality-of-life and spirituality
There is consistent evidence of an association between quality-of-life and religiosity/spirituality (R/S), through studies with reasonable methodological rigour, using several variables to assess R/S (e.g. religious affiliation, religious coping, and prayer/spiritual). Expand
The relational person within a practical theology of health care
Aim: The aim of this thesis is to elaborate a theological understanding of health care at its most vulnerable point: the meaning and exercise of personhood itself. Personhood, as I develop theExpand
Psiquiatra, doutor em Medicina pela UFRGS e coordenador do Grupo WHOQOL no Brasil.
Background: Spirituality has been considered as an important quality of life dimension. Objectives: To present a literature review about quality of life and spirituality, their association andExpand
Is Evidence Based Spiritual Care an Oxymoron?
Evidence based spiritual care utilizes empirical evidence on spirituality in addressing the spiritual needs of patients and needs a new scientific/theological paradigm that integrates not separates science and theology. Expand
Association of Sociodemographic Factors with Hope for Cure, Religiosity, and Spirituality in Patients with Venous Ulcers
Most patients with VLUs had low levels of spirituality, did not perceive divine intervention in their daily life or practice religious activities such as prayer, and had moderate hope for cure. Expand
Perceived holistic benefits of equine-assisted therapy among mothers of children with a disability: a pilot study
ABSTRACT This paper presents the first phenomenological qualitative descriptive study exploring the connection between spirituality and equine therapy. Results highlight experiences of 17 mothersExpand
Structure and functionality of the social support network for adults with cancer
Objective: To characterize the social support network of adults with cancer. Methods: A quantitative, exploratory, descriptive, cross-sectional research study conducted with adults with cancer,Expand
Estructura y funcionalidad de la red de apoyo social del adulto con cáncer
OBJETIVO: Caracterizar la red de apoyo social de adultos con cancer. METODOS: Se trata de una investigacion cuantitativa, exploratoria, descriptiva, de corte transversal realizada con adultos conExpand


The need for a new medical model: a challenge for biomedicine
The dominant model of disease today is biomedical, and it leaves no room within tis framework for the social, psychological, and behavioral dimensions of illness. A biopsychosocial model is proposedExpand
Modes of Thought
At the edges of life
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