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Pranks and Astronomical Antics

  title={Pranks and Astronomical Antics},
  author={Douglas Scott and Ali Frolop and VIII. Maxwell and XI. Candlestickmaker},
Some scientists take themselves and their work very seriously. However, there are plenty of cases of humour being combined with science. Here I review some examples from the broad fields of physics and astronomy, particularly focusing on practical jokes and paper parodies. This is a mostly serious overview of a non-serious subject, but I’d like to claim that there is in fact some connection between humour and creativity in the physical sciences. 


XXIX. Astronomical observations relating to the mountains of the Moon.
  • W. Herschel
  • Physics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
  • 2017
At the time when the telescope was first invented this noble instrument was immediately applied to astronomical observations with the most surprising success. Several very eminent persons have given
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It is shown that it is not only implausible that machines will ever exceed human size, but in fact impossible.
Conspiratorial cosmology - the case against the Universe
Based on the cosmological results of the Planck Mission, we show that all parameters describing our Universe within the \Lambda CDM model can be constructed from a small set of numbers known from
Orthographic Correlations in Astrophysics
Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory, Columbia University, 550 West 120th Street, NY 10027, USA(Dated: April 1st 2010)We analyze correlations between the first letter of the name of an author and the
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In the course of doing astronomy, one often encounters plots of densities, for example probability densities, flux densities, and mass functions. Quite frequently the ordinate of these diagrams is
Conspiratorial cosmology. II. The anthropogenic principle
We revisit our 2013 claim [arXiv:1303.7476] that the Universe is the result of a conspiratorial plot, and find that it cannot be trusted, because even the belief in this conspiracy likely results
III. On the nature and construction of the sun and fixed stars
  • W. Herschel
  • Physics, Education
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
  • 1795
Among the celestial bodies the sun is certainly the first which should attract our notice. It is a fountain of light that illuminates the world! it is the cause of that heat which maintains the
Felinic principle and measurement of the Hubble parameter
Intelligent life can only appear in Universes, whose physical laws support sufficient complexity to make evolution of intelligent beings possible. Even inside those Universes, intelligent life does