Pragmin, a novel effector of Rnd2 GTPase, stimulates RhoA activity.

  title={Pragmin, a novel effector of Rnd2 GTPase, stimulates RhoA activity.},
  author={Hiroko Tanaka and Hironori Katoh and Manabu Negishi},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={281 15},
The Rho family of small GTPases has been implicated in the reorganization of actin cytoskeleton and subsequent morphological changes in various cells. Rnd2 is a member of the Rnd subfamily, comprising Rnd1, Rnd2, and Rnd3. In contrast to Rnd1 and Rnd3, displaying an antagonistic action for RhoA signaling, signaling pathways of Rnd2 are not well known. Here we have performed a yeast two-hybrid screen using Rnd2 as bait and identified a novel Rnd2 effector protein, predominantly expressed in… CONTINUE READING