Pragmatism and integrated knowledge translation: exploring the compatabilities and tensions

  title={Pragmatism and integrated knowledge translation: exploring the compatabilities and tensions},
  author={Lorelli Nowell},
  journal={Nursing Open},
  pages={141 - 148}
This paper presents a discussion of the role of the philosophy of pragmatism in the integrated knowledge translation approach to research. 
Operationalist and inferentialist pragmatism: Implications for nursing knowledge development and practice.
  • Ahtisham Younas
  • Philosophy
    Nursing philosophy : an international journal for healthcare professionals
  • 2020
Embracing the dual aspect of pragmatism can enable nurses in developing philosophical reflexivity, emphasizing the experiential context of nursing, generating actionable and ready to use knowledge, and utilizing nursing theories to their fullest potential.
Perceptions and Nursing Demands and Experiences in the Midst of an International Crisis (PANDEMIC): A Qualitative Study of Nurse Educators’ Experiences
Recommended Citation Nowell, Lorelli; Dhingra, Swati; Andrews, Kimberley; and Jackson, Jennifer (2021) "Perceptions and Nursing Demands and Experiences in the Midst of an International Crisis
Patient and Public Engagement in Integrated Knowledge Translation Research: Are we there yet?
Critically examine some of the linkages and tensions that exist between IKT and patient-engagement for research and will examine potential opportunities for IKT researchers as they navigate and enact meaningful partnerships with patients and the public.
Exploring oral care practices, barriers, and facilitators in an inpatient stroke unit: a thematic analysis.
Oral care interventions should be comprehensive, including organisational policies, clear practice guidelines, structured multi-disciplinary education, and appropriate supplies, and should prioritise the concerns of staff delivering the care.
Effective advocacy strategies for influencing government nutrition policy: a conceptual model
A conceptual model for poorly-resourced advocates was developed to provide a more comprehensive insight into effective levers for influencing public health policy change and will be better equipped to increase political and public will, and affect positive policy change.
Researchers' and Research Users' Experiences With and Reasons for Working Together in Spinal Cord Injury Research Partnerships: A Qualitative Study.
It is found that participants' research partnership experiences and motivations align with components of leadership theories, which may be used to inform strategies and policy programs to build capacity for conducting and disseminating research in partnership, within and beyond SCI research.
Exploring the Effectiveness of LinkedIn as a Tool for B2B Customer Acquisition in the Asia Pacific Region
  • D. Dasanayake
  • Business
    Journal of International Business and Management
  • 2022
This research aims to explore the use of LinkedIn as a tool for B2B customer acquisition, in order to tap into a timely issue faced by many sales and partnerships personnel working digitally in
Utilizing Pragmatism Approach in Learning Jazz Guitar Reharmonization Technique using Malay Asli Song
Details of developing jazz guitar reharmonization learning book using Malay Asli song will not discuss here, however, this article divulges pragmatism approach that can be transcending in explaining
Using the theoretical domains framework to guide the development of a self-management program for individuals with spinal cord injury: Results from a national stakeholder advisory group
It is anticipated that such a program could not only reduce secondary complications and subsequent inappropriate health care use but it may also improve the quality of life for individuals with SCI and their caregivers.


Pragmatism's Conception of Truth
ion.4 Surely in this field of truth it is the pragmatists and not the rationalists who are the more genuine defenders of the universe's
On Acting and Knowing: How Pragmatism Can Advance International Relations Research and Methodology
Abstract This article moves from deconstruction to reconstruction in research methodology. It proposes pragmatism as a way to escape from epistemological deadlock. We first show that social
Critical inquiry and knowledge translation: exploring compatibilities and tensions.
Drawing on a recent research project, a philosophic examination of how knowledge translation might serve as vehicle for the transfer of critically oriented knowledge regarding social justice, health inequities, and cultural safety into clinical practice is examined.
Pragmatism as the philosophical foundation for the Joanna Briggs meta-aggregative approach to qualitative evidence synthesis.
The real verification of the 'lines of action' suggested in a meta-aggregative consists of the satisfactorily ending consequences, mental or physical, which the synthesized statements that summarize the basic ideas emerging from the studies are able to generate in end users.
Engaged Scholarship: A Guide for Organizational and Social Research Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2007
1. Engaged Scholarship in a Professional School 2. Philosophy of Science Underlying Engaged Scholarship 3. Formulating the Research Problem 4. Building a Theory 5. Process and Variance Models 6.
Some theoretical underpinnings of knowledge translation.
  • I. Graham, J. Tetroe
  • Psychology
    Academic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
  • 2007
The authors conducted a focused literature search, developed inclusion criteria to identify planned action theories, and extracted data from each theory to determine the origins, examine the meaning, judge the logical consistency, and define the degree of generalizability, parsimony, and testability.
Toward Compassionate Action: Pragmatism and the Inseparability of Theory/Practice
The utility of pragmatism to nursing is demonstrated by describing how the author has explicitly approached theory development as a practical (and practice) activity of inquiry to attend to experiences of culture and diversity in family nursing.
Notes on Pragmatism and Scientific Realism
Research" (1991) is informative for the overview it provides of scientific realism. At the outset House tells the reader that he will forgo comparisons between scientific realism and interpretivism,
Jamesian pragmatism: a framework for working towards unified diversity in nursing knowledge development.
  • Jason S McCready
  • Medicine
    Nursing philosophy : an international journal for healthcare professionals
  • 2010
It is argued that a significant part of the theory-practice gap lies in how nursing knowledge development is operationalized, creating a false dichotomy between practice and research and the research-practice schism has been widened by continued philosophical and methodological infighting in the research community.
Lost in knowledge translation: Time for a map?
The implications of knowledge translation for continuing education in the health professions include the need to base continuing education on the best available knowledge, the use of educational and other transfer strategies that are known to be effective, and the value of learning about planned‐action theories to be better able to understand and influence change in practice settings.