Pragmatic rules for real-time control of the dynamic walking of an under-actuated biped robot

  title={Pragmatic rules for real-time control of the dynamic walking of an under-actuated biped robot},
  author={Christophe Sabourin and Olivier Bruneau and Jean-Guy Fontaine},
  journal={IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2004. Proceedings. ICRA '04. 2004},
  pages={4216-4221 Vol.4}
In this paper, we propose a control strategy allowing us to perform the transition of velocities included in [0 m/s; 1 m/s] for the dynamic walking of an under-actuated robot (RABBIT) without reference trajectories. This strategy of control also enables us to carry out the transition from stop towards walking and the reverse process. The interest of this method resides in the fact that on one hand the intrinsic dynamics of the system are exploited by using a succession of active and passive… CONTINUE READING
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