Practices of Tsunami Evacuation Planning in Padang, Indonesia

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  • Business
    International Journal of GEOMATE
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The purpose of this research is to determine the location of evacuation lines, TES or assembly points and shelters, and knowing the extent of the distribution of coastal tourism regions, as well as
Social Stability Risk Assessment of Disaster-Preventive Migration in Ethnic Minority Areas of Southwest China
Disaster-preventive migration (DPM) is an important method for disaster risk management, but migration itself entails a potential social stability risk. This study took County D in Yunnan Province,
Pushover analysis of reinforced concrete building seismically designed based on SNI 1726-2019
Indonesia has experienced many earthquakes due to its geographic location. Therefore, the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) for seismic design has recently been released for immediate application.
Non-linear analysis of seismic performance of low-rise concrete buildings in Indonesia
It is well known that the parts of Indonesia are considered as moderate to high seismicity zones. The Indonesian Standard for seismic design has been developed based on linear analysis which is the
Seismic evaluation of reinforced concrete moment resisting frames using pushover analysis
  • Riza Suwondo, S. Alama
  • Engineering, Geology
    IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
  • 2020
Earthquake events have been demonstrated to be a major threat to building in Indonesia. It was found that many building failures occurred due to design shortage or construction shortcomings. This
Assessment of road traffic performance of the Tsunami evacuation road in Padang Municipality area based on the traffic volume simulation approach
This study shows that the period of activity and land use are two main parameters, which must be considered in designing tsunami evacuation roads, and the degree of saturation ratio and the ratio between the capacity of sections of Tsunami evacuation routes can be proposed as a parameter for assessing the performance of Tsinami evacuation roads in urban areas.


"Last-Mile" preparation for a potential disaster - Interdisciplinary approach towards tsunami early warning and an evacuation information system for the coastal city of Padang, Indonesia
Abstract. Extreme natural events, like e.g. tsunamis or earthquakes, regularly lead to catastrophes with dramatic consequences. In recent years natural disasters caused hundreds of thousands of
Tsunami inundation modeling for western Sumatra
The authors' models of historical and future tsunamis confirm a substantial exposure of coastal Sumatran communities to tsunami surges, and suggest that potential losses could be as great as those that occurred in Aceh in 2004.
Disaster preparedness measures: a test case development and application
Purpose – This paper sets out to develop disaster preparedness measurement methodology using a small test case of two communities. It is aimed at furthering discussion of the issues and complexities
FAST TRACK PAPER: Evidence of active backthrusting at the NE Margin of Mentawai Islands, SW Sumatra
SUMMARY The Indo-Australian plate subducts obliquely beneath the Sunda plate leading to a slip partitioning into pure thrust and strike-slip motion. Just in the last 5 yr, three pure thrust
Konsepsi Risiko dan Sistem Penanggulangan Bencana di Kota Padang
  • 2016
Training manual-tsunami evacuation planning at district level
  • 2013