Practice and education of the vascular access.


INTRODUCTION The Japanese Society for Dialysis Access (JSDA) has held the practical skills trainings for the doctors working for the vascular access (VA) access since 2014 in order to improve both quality and quantity of the VA construction. Terumo Medical Pranex (Kanagawa, Japan) is the institution of the general medical training established for the creation and the spread of medical technique, and it also has the hybrid simulator of VA. METHODS AND RESULTS In the training institute in 2014, not only the practical skills but also the training on the simulator from the basic lecture of VA construction were conducted. The dummy of a radical artery and a cephalic vein is faked in the forearm on the simulator. Two carotid arteries of a pig are made as the position of a pair of artery and vein. The pig's skin taken from the neck to the chest is covered on the proceed part, then the dummy forearm was completed. We can make recognize the beats in the artery. We also can make a fake avf in the dummy forearm instead. The instructor is directly able to give the trainees the lectures while watching the scenes. jsda will continue to make such efforts from now. CONCLUSIONS We are concerned that the more the VA access would be demanded, the more the VA construction would be needed. So, the matter of the urgency is the training of the doctors working for VA construction.

DOI: 10.5301/jva.5000420

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