Practical suggestions on detecting exomoons in exoplanet transit light curves

  title={Practical suggestions on detecting exomoons in exoplanet transit light curves},
  author={Gyula M. Szab{\'o} and Attila E. Simon and L{\'a}szl{\'o} L. Kiss and Zs. Reg{\'a}ly},
  journal={Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union},
  pages={556 - 557}
Abstract The number of known transiting exoplanets is rapidly increasing, which has recently inspired significant interest as to whether they can host a detectable moon. Although there has been no such example where the presence of a satellite was proven, several methods have already been investigated for such a detection in the future. All these methods utilize post-processing of the measured light curves, and the presence of the moon is decided by the distribution of a timing parameter. Here… Expand
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