Practical p-value adjustment for optimally selected cutpoints.

  title={Practical p-value adjustment for optimally selected cutpoints.},
  author={Susan G. Hilsenbeck and G. M. G. Clark},
  journal={Statistics in medicine},
  volume={15 1},
This paper concerns a series of simulations undertaken to examine the effects of two data features--number of cutpoints and true marker prognostic effect size--on three methods of p-value adjustment (asymptotic, P(acor); improved Bonferroni, P(bon); and empirical permutation, P(emp)). H(o) rejection rates for P(emp) and P(bon) are almost indistinguishable from those for an independent validation sample (P(vld)), while those of P(acor) are somewhat conservative, especially when the number of… CONTINUE READING

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