Practical iron-catalyzed dehalogenation of aryl halides.


An operationally simple iron-catalyzed hydrodehalogenation of aryl halides has been developed with 1 mol% Fe(acac)(3) and commercial t-BuMgCl as reductant. The mild reaction conditions (THF, 0 degrees C, 1.5 h) effect rapid chemoselective dehalogenation of (hetero)aryl halides (I, Br, Cl) and tolerate F, Cl, OR, SR, CN, CO(2)R, and vinyl groups.

DOI: 10.1039/c0cc01980a

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@article{Czaplik2010PracticalID, title={Practical iron-catalyzed dehalogenation of aryl halides.}, author={Waldemar Maximilian Czaplik and Sabine Grupe and Matthias Mayer and Axel Jacobi von Wangelin}, journal={Chemical communications}, year={2010}, volume={46 34}, pages={6350-2} }