Practical Use Of It In Traceability In Food Value Chains

  title={Practical Use Of It In Traceability In Food Value Chains},
  author={John Anderson Ratcliff and Michael Boddington},
Traceability is today considered an essential requirement for the food value chain due to the need to provide consumers with accurate information in the event of food safety recalls, to provide assurance with regard the source and production systems for food products and in certain countries to comply with government legislation. Within an individual business traceability can be quite simple to implement, however, in a global trading market, traceability of the entire supply chain, including… 
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Rfid-based traceability along the food-production chain [Wireless Corner]

This contribution explains and analyzes the use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) for defining a complete traceability system applied to the food-production chain. The paper contains a summary



Research and Development of the Information Management System of Agricultural Science and Technology to Farmer Based on GIS

The article collected the information of Agricultural science and technology to farmer and the geography information of all villages and towns in HUA county, and designed the system structure and implemented the information query and management.

Design and implement of crop management system based on WebGIs

The CMGIS integrates WebGIS and ES, adopts the intelligent reasoningtechnology and COM technology and incorporates agricultural expert knowledge, optimizing and distributed fertilizer model,optimizing irrigation model, appraisal model of decision-making solution and optimizing layout model of crop.

Design and development of formulated fertilization information management system after testing soil based on GIS

Two function models of the information control and application systems are designed and materialized on the GIS software by using 3 Layer frame.

Design and development of GIS

A development method of GIS is introduced, which uses object-oriented technology with VC6.0 development tools of Microsoft and has implemented no seam bond of drawing system and MIS.

Study on the correlation of ASI and China routine method for soil available P,K and N determination

Soil available P,K and N were determined by both ASI and China routine methods.Results showed that:(1) ASI-P was significant positively correlated with Olsen-P,the correlation co-efficient was

Regulation (EU) No 178/ 2002 of the European Parliament and the Council of 28

  • Regulation (EU) No 178/ 2002 of the European Parliament and the Council of 28
  • 2002

Regulation (EU) No 178

  • European Parliament and the Council of
  • 2002