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Practical Guide to Regional Foresight in the United Kingdom

  title={Practical Guide to Regional Foresight in the United Kingdom},
  author={I. Miles and M. Keenan},
Extending Technology Roadmap through Fuzzy Cognitive Map-based Scenarios: The Case of the Wind Energy Sector of Pakistan
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Systemic analysis of UK foresight results Joint application of integrated management model and roadmapping
IMM and roadmapping are employed first to analyze UK foresight results and then to develop a new methodology to formulate Delphi events and scenarios for the successful implementation of foresight. Expand
A new model for technology foresight: Foresight periscope model (FPM)
  • N. Yuksel, Hasan Cifci
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC)
  • 2017
New technology foresight approach named Foresight Periscope Model (FPM), which has three interdependent modules; Resources, Methodology and Futures Strategies, concludes with futures strategies which put foresight process into action by taking advantage of underlying resources and methodology. Expand
The role of future-oriented technology analysis in e-Government: a systematic review
During the last three decades, many governments have incorporated Information and Communication Technologies in their internal and external processes, a phenomenon widely known as electronicExpand
Foresight and action learning supporting transition: An account of practice
Integrating foresight into corporations has proved to be challenging. This account of practice reports on the introduction of futures and foresight (FF) teaching content into an executive MastersExpand
Futures of Iran’s Oil and Gas; Scenarios by 2035
Cross impact balanced Iran is one of the most important oil and gas producing countries in the world with 153.8 billion barrels of crude oil and 33.5 billion cubic meters of gas has 9.3% and 18%Expand
Non-financial reporting pursuant to the SIN standard at the Warsaw Stock Exchange
The paper presents the results of research on the evaluation of Non-Financial Statements (Reports), drafted pursuant to the SIN standard (the Polish Non-Financial Information Standard) by aExpand
Sustainability Through Directed Change in the Visionary University: From Predicting to Producing the Future
The sustainability of a university can be questioned from the perspective of three functional goals, henceforth setting the analytical framework: (i) the development of suited knowledge (dynamic andExpand
Technology foresight: an instrument for identifying organisational improvement
The aim of this study is to show that technology foresight can be utilised as an instrument for shaping the future of an organisation. In this paper technology foresight is presented at anExpand
Context appropriate technologies for development: Choosing for the future
Technology foresight has been increasingly undertaken by developing countries to identify technologies whose adoption might serve as a platform for future economic growth. However, foresightExpand


Creating Futures: Scenario Planning as a Strategic Management Tool
Whatever happens tomorrow depends less on prevailing trends and more on individual and collective decisions taken in the face of these trends. If the future is indeed the fruit of human desire, thenExpand
Foresight in cross-border cooperation
A comparison of national foresight exercises
This paper discusses recent trends in public‐administration‐led foresight exercises from the perspective of how the choice of objectives and scope is reflected in the methods used. In countries whereExpand
American Council for the United Nations -The Millennium Project
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Building European Cross-border Co-operation Structures
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Services and Foresight
Services and Foresight" Service Industries Journal vol. 19 no 2 pp
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