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Practical Construction of Reflectances for Spectral Rendering

  title={Practical Construction of Reflectances for Spectral Rendering},
  author={Qiqi Wang and Haiying Xu and Yinlong Sun},
We propose a method to construct practical reflectances for spectral rendering. A set of 1400 real reflectances are measured and more spectra with higher saturated colors are generated using Bouguer’s law. These spectra serve as the basis for constructing the spectra for any colors. Given a color triplet P, in the color space, we find a small local tetrahedron that contains P and the reflectances at the vertices are known. Thus the spectrum at P is constructed using trilinear interpolation. Our… Expand
Reconstruction of Spectra Using Empirical Basis Functions
This work designs three different comparison scenarios typical for computer graphic applications to evaluate the suitability of the methods to reconstruct illumination and reflectance spectra and proposes a novel approach applying empirical mean spectra as basis functions to reconstruct spectral distributions. Expand
A color picking tool to generate spectral lights and reflectances for rendering
Full spectra allow the generation of a physically correct rendering of a scene under different lighting conditions. In this paper we devise a tool to augment a palette of lights and materialExpand
Spectral Primary Decomposition for Rendering with sRGB Reflectance
It is shown for the first time that it is possible to create any sRGB reflectance spectrum as a linear combination of three separate spectra, each directly corresponding to one of the BT.709 primaries. Expand
A tool to create illuminant and reflectance spectra for light-driven graphics and visualization
A tool to augment a palette of given lights and material reflectances with constructed spectra, yielding specified colors or spectral properties such as metamerism or objective color constancy, which enhances the user's freedom in designing photo-realistic scenes and helps in creating expressive visualizations. Expand
Physically Meaningful Rendering using Tristimulus Colours
By comparing to spectral reference renderings, it is shown how rendering in tristimulus colour spaces introduces colour shifts in indirect light, violation of energy conservation, and unexpected behaviour in participating media. Expand
A Compression Method For Spectral Photon Map Rendering
The photon map method can easily be extended to handle wavele ngth-dependent phenomena such as dispersion, chromatic aberration, etc. Using the computationally effective appr oach of point samplingExpand
Manuka: A Batch-Shading Architecture for Spectral Path Tracing in Movie Production
A full architecture built around spectral light transport and a flexible implementation of multiple importance sampling is described, resulting in a system able to support a comparable amount of extensibility to what made the reyes rendering architecture successful over many decades. Expand
Making choices in multi-dimensional parameter spaces
This dissertation enables effective choices of parameter configurations for different levels of user involvement by developing a space-filling sampling method and devise a method that generates a palette of presets that globally optimize user-specified criteria and regularization. Expand
Environnements lumineux naturels en mode : Spectral et Polarisé. Modélisation, Acquisition, Simulation. (Spectral and Polarized Natural Light Environment)
Nous proposons, dans le but of standardiser les echanges, un format de donnees utilisable dans un moteur de rendu spectral, exploitant le formalisme de "Stokes - Mueller", pour proposer un modele de ciel clair sans nuage. Expand
Physically-based rendering and algebraic manipulation of volume models
  • Al-Fathiatul Habibah Abdul Rahman
  • Computer Science
  • 2006
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Measurement and Analysis of Object Reflectance Spectra
A set of new measurements of different materials measuring the spectral reflectance of Munsell chips, paints, and various natural materials in the 390–730-nm range is presented. Expand
How to derive a spectrum from an RGB triplet
  • A. Glassner
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
  • 1989
A simple method that takes as input an RGB triplet viewed on a given monitor and computes a corresponding spectrum for use in a rendering system is presented. Expand
The Synthesis and Analysis of Color Images
  • B. Wandell
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • 1987
Within this framework, the same basic methods can be used to synthesize image data for color display monitors and printed materials, and to analyze image data into estimates of the spectral power distribution and surface spectral reflectances. Expand
Diffraction shaders
  • J. Stam
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • SIGGRAPH '99
  • 1999
This paper derives a new class of reflection models for metallic surfaces that handle the effects of diffraction by rederiving results from surface wave physics which were taken for granted by other researchers. Expand
A spectrally based framework for realistic image synthesis
This thesis develops new illumination models for rendering a number of optical effects including dispersion, interference, diffraction, fluorescence, and volume absorption and improves realistic image synthesis by expanding its rendering capabilities. Expand
Principles of Digital Image Synthesis
Focusing on theory, Andrew Glassner provides a comprehensive explanation of the three core fields of study that come together to form digital image synthesis: the human visual system, digital signal processing, and the interaction of matter and light. Expand
Deriving Spectra from Colors and Rendering Light Interference
A new method for transforming colors into spectra, which we applied to rendering light interference using a standard ray tracer, significantly enhances color-based rendering software and graphicsExpand
Illumination and Color in Computer Generated Imagery
  • R. Hall
  • Computer Science
  • Monographs in Visual Communication
  • 1989
In a very broad sense the historical development of computer graphics can be considered in three phases, each a giant step down the road towards "realistic" computer generated images. The first,Expand
Newton’s Colors: Simulating Interference Phenomena in Realistic Image Synthesis
The laws of physics that govern thin film interference are reviewed and the colors in nature that are produced by this mechanism are simulated. An efficient technique for adjusting out of gamutExpand
The Physics and Chemistry of Color: The Fifteen Causes of Color
Preface to the Second Edition.Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgments for the Second Edition. Acknowledgments for the First Edition. LIGHT AND COLOR. Some Fundamentals: Color, Light, andExpand