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Practical Challenges with Spreadsheet Auditing Tools

  title={Practical Challenges with Spreadsheet Auditing Tools},
  author={Daniel Kulesz and Jan-Peter Ostberg},
Just like other software, spreadsheets can contain significant faults. Static analysis is an accepted and well-established technique in software engineering known for its capability to discover faults. In recent years, a growing number of tool vendors started offering tools that allow casual end-users to run various static analyses on spreadsheets as well. We supervised a study where three undergraduate software engineering students examined a selection of 14 spreadsheet auditing tools, trying… 

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Integrating Anomaly Diagnosis Techniques into Spreadsheet Environments
The idea of testing spreadsheets with user-defined test scenarios but encourage visually aided creation of independent test cases by separating the definition of test scenarios from the specific values present in the spreadsheet - just like test code is separated from production code in professional software.
Mitigating Spreadsheet Model Risk with Python Open Source Infrastructure
This paper lays ground work for spreadsheet modelling professionals to develop reproducible audit tools using freely available, open source packages built with the Python programming language, enabling stakeholders to develop clearly defined model "oracles" with which to test and audit spreadsheet calculations against.
Spreadsheet practices and challenges in a large multinational conglomerate
The survey findings demonstrate that practices in the single-company setting are consistent with practices in broader settings, and participants' collective responses revealed challenges pertaining to knowledge distribution within the organization.
Live-Prüfung von Spreadsheets während der Bearbeitung
Spreadsheets sind tabellenformige Dateien, die in vielen Bereichen eingesetzt werden. Verschiedene Studien haben gezeigt, dass sie sehr oft Fehler enthalten. Seit 2012 wird am Institut fur
Visualisierung von Fehlern in Spreadsheets
The prototype has proven its capabilities as interactive fault visualization tool in practice with real Excel users in general and showed minor prob-lems with the realization of the concept.


A Spreadsheet Auditing Tool Evaluated in an Industrial Context
The evaluated auditing tool offers the auditor a new view on the formula structure of the spreadsheet by grouping similar formulas into equivalence classes, and the auditing approach helps to find irregularities in the geometrical pattern of similar formulas.
Analyzing and Visualizing Spreadsheets
This dissertation aims at developing methods to support spreadsheet users to understand, update and improve spreadsheets and found that methods from software engineering can be applied to spreadsheets very well, and that these methods support end-users in working with spreadsheets.
From Good Practices to Effective Policies for Preventing Errors in Spreadsheets
An expert-based, retrospective approach to the identification of good practices for spreadsheets is proposed, based on an evaluation loop that cross-validates the findings of human domain experts against rules implemented in a semi-automated spreadsheet workbench, taking into account the context in which the spreadsheets are used.
A Quality Model for Spreadsheets
This paper proposes a set of spreadsheet specific metrics to assess the quality of a spreadsheet in each of the software characteristics defined in the ISO/IEC 9126 standard that defines a generic quality model for software.
Mäntylä Bad Smells in Software – a Taxonomy and an Empirical Study
This work proposes a taxonomy for the bad code smells and evaluates the measurability of each bad code smell with source code metrics, and compares the results of the smell survey to the sources code metrics collected with automatic tools.
Two Experiments in Reducing Overconfidence in Spreadsheet Development
  • R. Panko
  • Economics
    J. Organ. End User Comput.
  • 2007
Overconfidence has been seen widely in spreadsheet development and could account for the rarity of testing by end-user spreadsheet developers, and a new way of measuring overconfidence was studied, demonstrating that overconfidence really is strong among spreadsheet developers.
SmellSheet detective: A tool for detecting bad smells in spreadsheets
This tool demo paper presents SmellSheet Detective: a tool for automatically detecting bad smells in spreadsheets, which has been used to detect smells in large, real-world spreadsheets within the EUSES corpus.
Anomaly Detection in Concurrent Software by Static Data Flow Analysis
Algorithms are presented for detecting errors and anomalies in programs which use synchronization constructs to implement concurrency. The algorithms employ data flow analysis techniques. First used
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