Practical And Strategic Implications Of The ACR-NEMA Interface Standards

  title={Practical And Strategic Implications Of The ACR-NEMA Interface Standards},
  author={Herman Oosterwijk and F. W. Gutzwiller and Alessandra Giangrande},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
ASR-NEMA standards will play a pivotal role in the difficult transition between today's imaging department and the completely PACS-based department of the future. This paper explores the practical implications of ACR-NEMA standards in PACS systems by focusing on the critical issues of compatibility, evolution, flexibility, and practical implementation. It is shown how a typical radiology department can develop a viable PACS strategy for improving its effectiveness through use of ACR-NEMA… 
On enhancing the performance of the ACR-NEMA protocol
The objective of such enhancements is to make the ACR-NEMA protocol better suited for transmission of large images, and it is shown that such enhancements result in a much improved system performance.
Performance of the ACR/NEMA Protocol
In the last decade medical imaging has seen many changes. Various new and improved devices have been widely accepted allowing new noninvasive approaches and reduced radiation dosage for diagnostic
Application-driven strategies for efficient transfer of medical images over very high speed networks
The American College of Radiology (ACR) and the National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA) in 1982 formed the ACR-NEMA committee to develop a standard to enable equipment from different