Practical And Strategic Implications Of The ACR-NEMA Interface Standards

  title={Practical And Strategic Implications Of The ACR-NEMA Interface Standards},
  author={Herman Oosterwijk and F. W. Gutzwiller and Alessandra Giangrande},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
ASR-NEMA standards will play a pivotal role in the difficult transition between today's imaging department and the completely PACS-based department of the future. This paper explores the practical implications of ACR-NEMA standards in PACS systems by focusing on the critical issues of compatibility, evolution, flexibility, and practical implementation. It is shown how a typical radiology department can develop a viable PACS strategy for improving its effectiveness through use of ACR-NEMA… 
On enhancing the performance of the ACR-NEMA protocol
The objective of such enhancements is to make the ACR-NEMA protocol better suited for transmission of large images, and it is shown that such enhancements result in a much improved system performance.
Performance of the ACR/NEMA Protocol
For Medical Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) to become feasible, a communication standard is required and interfaces conforming to this standard should be provided by all manufacturers.
Application-driven strategies for efficient transfer of medical images over very high speed networks
Two versions of the ACR-NEMA standard are compared and a system that is used at the University of Arizona Intensive Care Unit is described that should specify the interface to network services and grade of service required.