Précis of Supersizing the mind: embodiment, action, and cognitive extension (Oxford University Press, NY, 2008)

  title={Pr{\'e}cis of Supersizing the mind: embodiment, action, and cognitive extension (Oxford University Press, NY, 2008)},
  author={Andy Clark},
  journal={Philosophical Studies},
  • A. Clark
  • Published 1 February 2011
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophical Studies
Towards human technology symbiosis in the haptic mode
The design of a haptic guide robot is discussed, inspired by careful study of the communication between blind person and guide dog, and it is argued that a human-technology symbiosis is equally necessary and possible in the case of the robot guide.
«Il cybernauta è naufragato». Rappresentazioni del tecnologico nell’opera di Claudio Magris
  • S. Rebora
  • Art
    Biblioteca di Studi di Filologia Moderna
  • 2021
This essay traces and analyses the various representations of technology in Claudio Magris’ work. From the answering machines of Le voci to the war machines of Non luogo a procedere, a controversial
Unmittelbares Handeln und die Sensomotorik der Situation
Francisco J. Varelas Buch Ethical Know-How (dt. Ethisches Konnen) hat in der Systemtheorie keine nennenswerten Diskussionen angestosen. Die Bezuge darauf sind sparlich. Vermutlich hat das Wort
Nietzsche’s Genealogie der Moral Pro and Contra Distributed Cognition
Nietzsche’s writing and thought about the mind challenge some of the same Cartesian dichotomies that the more recent frameworks of 4E and distributed cognition do. Zur Genealogie der Moral (On the
A Hybridity Continuum
The article proposes an analytical framework in the form of a continuum in order to examine instances of hybridity in terms of mechanisms, qualities and outcomes. By foregrounding material pathways
Unmittelbares Handeln und die Sensomotorik der Situation
Perpetually Astride Eden’s Boundaries: The Limits to the ‘Limits of Law’ and the Semiotic Inconsistency of ‘Legal Enclosures’
  • M. Ricca
  • Law
    International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique
  • 2020
Legal systems can be metaphorically taken as semantic and pragmatic enclosures. The ancient world has given us at least three literary loci that display the self-disruptive significance of this kind
Group minds as extended minds
Despite clear overlap between the study of extended minds and the study of group minds, these research programs have largely been carried out independently. Moreover, whereas proponents of the
Overcoming the Past-endorsement Criterion: Toward a Transparency-Based Mark of the Mental
This proposal is to argue for a “weak conscientialist” mark of the mental based on transparent access, which vindicates the role of consciousness in defining what is mental without, however, identifying the mental with the conscious.
Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Science of the Mind
The Third Edition of this popular and engaging text consolidates the interdisciplinary streams of cognitive science to present a unified narrative of cognitive science as a discipline in its own