Précis of Complexity and the Function of Mind in Nature

  title={Pr{\'e}cis of Complexity and the Function of Mind in Nature},
  author={P. Godfrey-Smith},
  journal={Adaptive Behavior},
  pages={453 - 465}
  • P. Godfrey-Smith
  • Published 1996
  • Computer Science
  • Adaptive Behavior
  • defends Olle version. Defends it in what sense? I cxpect that nearly everyone will agree that dealing with environmental complexity is one thing that cognition does for agents such as ourselves. The more difficult question is whether this activity is important enough to be viewed as &dquo;the function&dquo; of cognition. My belief is that the answer may well be yes, as long as &dquo;function,&dquo; &dquo;cognition:’ and &dquo;environmental complexity&dquo; are understood in the right ways. The… CONTINUE READING
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