• Psychology
  • Published 2016

Pozytywny dydaktyzm w twórczości literackiej Teofila Stanisława Nowosielskiego

  title={Pozytywny dydaktyzm w tw{\'o}rczości literackiej Teofila Stanisława Nowosielskiego},
  author={Martyna Chmielewska and Aleksandra Biskup},
The aim of this article is to show the literary values of Stanislaw Teofil Nowosielski's writing, relating only occasionally to the works addressed to children. A lot of attention is devoted to his didacticism. The first part of the article deals with Nowosielski's life and his most important works. The second part lists predominant thematic-formal features and characterizes each of them. In the summary, the author emphasizes the necessity of using Nowosielski's works by teachers, form teachers… CONTINUE READING