• Psychology
  • Published 2013

Pozícia manažera a rola v súčasnosti

  title={Poz{\'i}cia mana{\vz}era a rola v s{\'u}{\vc}asnosti},
  author={Malv{\'i}na {\vS}{\'a}liov{\'a}},
Anotation SALIOVA, Malvina: The Manager´s Position and his role Nowadays [Bachelor’s theses]. Banking Institute/College of Banking Prague, Foreign College Banska Bystrica. Department of Finance, Accounting and Insurance. Supervisor: PhDr. Zuzana Mickova, PhD. Date of defence: 2013. Number of pages: 70. The bachelor’s thesis deals with analysis of today’s position of a manager, his roles and specific competencies. The first chapter focuses on personal characteristics of a manager from the… CONTINUE READING