Poxvirus fibromas on African hares.

  title={Poxvirus fibromas on African hares.},
  author={Lars H. Karstad and Jesper Thorsen and Graham E. Davies and J. S. Kaminjolo},
  journal={Journal of wildlife diseases},
  volume={13 3},
Small dermal tumors were found on three African hares (Lepus capensis) in the Laikipia District, Kenya. Gross and histopathologic studies revealed similarities to the Shope's fibroma of wild rabbits in North America and fibromas of European hares. Histological examination of the African hare fibromas revealed intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies characteristic of poxviruses and poxvirus virions were demonstrated by electron microscopy of ultrathin sections. Attempts to propagate the virus in… CONTINUE READING