Pows And The Great War Captivity On The Eastern Front

  title={Pows And The Great War Captivity On The Eastern Front},
  author={Klaudia Kaiser},
The romance of Siberian captivity: German POWs of the First World War in Friede H. Kraze's interwar novel The Magical Forests
The literature of the Eastern Front during World War I has not received the same critical attention as has that of its western counterpart. This article will address this lacuna by focusing on aExpand
The Everyday as Involved in War
This essay examines how the "everyday" functions in war, not only for those on the home fronts, but for those in combat roles and for those living between the lines. Five important qualities, amongExpand
Eating bread with tears: Martynas Jankus and the deportation of East Prussian civilians to Russia during World War I
ABSTRACT During World War I, Martynas Jankus became the most well-known deportee in the Lithuanian-speaking world. This article uses a variety of sources, including his wartime letters, diary, andExpand
Habsburg home fronts during the Great War
The contributors to this volume, many of them younger scholars, analyze the relationships among the civil administration, military authorities, and home-front society to demonstrate the fluidity of...
Picturing History, Remembering Soldiers: World War I Photography between the Public and the Private
The centennial anniversaries of World War I have prompted a boom in publications about the war, including many recent photographic compendiums that strive to document the war in visually appealingExpand
Prisoners of War | International Encyclopedia of the First World War (WW1)
The First World War marked the shift from a 19th century, relatively ad hoc management of prisoners of war, to the 20th century’s sophisticated prisoner of war camp systems, with their bureaucraticExpand
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This article concerns Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war who were captured by the Russia soldiers and deployed in one of the regions of Russia, Turkestan. It also discusses captives’ circumstances andExpand
The parcel is political: the British government and the regulation of food parcels for prisoners of war, 1914–1918
ABSTRACT Parcels of comforting food sent from the United Kingdom loom large in accounts of how British POWs were sustained during the First World War. But these care packages provoked considerableExpand
Recent Historiography of the First World War
Recent Historiography of the First World War Locating recent international historiography on the First World War within the long-term context, this article discusses above all theExpand
A threatening geography: Forced displacement and convict labour in Western Siberia, 1879–1953
The Gulag is one of the key symbols of the mass state violence in the twentieth century. It relied, like other forced labour camp systems globally, on three interconnected repressive practices:Expand